C.A.T. Show Owner's System 2000 Overview

Ticket Sales

C.A.T. Ticket Sales is an easy to use program that calculates ticket revenues from just a few simple data entries. After setting up three Master Files...  a Ticket File, Seller File and a Spot File, you will only need to enter the starting number of each roll, strip or book as you issue them to the ticket sellers. When you check up the ticket sellers, you will enter the last number sold from each roll, strip or book. From just those two entries, the program will generate yearly, spot and daily reports and a comprehensive Committee Settlement Report to present to the committee. The following brief overview shows some highlights.

The Master Files

 The Spot File contains a record for each spot (event) that you play. All of the modules in the Show Owner's System use the same spot file. You can enter new spots or edit existing spots from any of the modules.