Show Owner's System 2000 Overview

Payroll Manager

Employee Master File

An Employee Master File record contains the employee's personal information as well as salary and deductions. You may use up to three user defined salary amounts. For example, you may pay the employee an additional amount for driving or setup. There is also an adjustment field for making a one time adjustment to the total salary for the current pay period. After the payroll is calculated, the adjustment is removed and the record is recalculated.

The Federal Tax Tables are built in and calculated automatically. If you withhold state tax in more than one state, you can enter the rates or amounts for four states and then select the one to use on the current pay period. The program can switch all employees from one state to another automatically. You can lock an employee into a single state by clicking the Lock check box next to that state and the employee will not be switched.

There are provisions for Perdiem, Employee Savings and four additional user defined deductions. The draws are posted on the Draw Screen and updated automatically on the employee record. After the current payroll is calculated, the accumulated draws are zeroed out and the process starts over again on the new pay period.