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How do I create a new data folder for the start of a new year?

The data that you enter into most C.A.T. Software Programs is stored in a separate folder for each year. At the beginning of a new year, you will create a new data folder and start the data fresh for that year. After you create the data folder, you must set the current data path to point to the new folder.

Create new Data Folder
When you select this option from the Utilities Menu, a dialog will display with a blank for you to enter the new folder name including the full path.

Enter the full path name of the folder that wish to create. For example, C:\2020 may be the name of a new folder for the year 2020 or you may have more than one company and create folders called C:\2020A and C:\2020B.

VERY IMPORTANT: The path name must include the drive, colon, backslash, and folder name. A common mistake is to use the semicolon in place of the colon or the forward slash in place of the backslash with no  spaces. There is an example below the blank on the form.

Select the files to be transferred from the current data folder to the new folder.

You may want to copy some existing files from the current folder to the new folder so that you donít have to reenter them. Some examples may be the Employee File in Payroll, or the Ticket File in Ticket Sales. All files that are not copied over are created blank.

IMPORTANT: In most cases, you will not want to copy the Spot File as this file will change from year to year.
NOTE: You must create a new folder for each individual program using the same folder name.

Set Data Path
After you create the new folder, you must set the data path to point to the new folder. When you select Set Data Path from the Utilities Menu or from the lower left of the main window in the Concession Manager, a browse dialog will be displayed.

Click the plus beside the C drive to open the list of folders on the C drive. Highlight the folder and select Ok.

How can I create a shortcut for the C.A.T. Program Group on the desktop in Windows 10?

Click the Windows/Start button
If you just installed the programs you may see them at the top of the menu under Recently Added otherwise scroll down to C.A.T. Software group and
Click C.A.T. Software
Right Click on one of the C.A.T. programs
A menu will open. Choose More then Choose Open File Location
This will bring up a list of the C.A.T. programs
Above the list located in the title bar you will see Start Menu>Programs>C.A.T. Software
Click on Programs in the that list
Right click on C.A.T. Software
Click Send To and choose Desktop (create shortcut)
This will create a shortcut on the desktop for C.A.T. Software containing all of the programs.

When I open a C.A.T. program it appears minimized in the taskbar but will not open.

Move pointer to the CAT program icon in the taskbar.
This will open a small version of the screen above it in a small window.
Move the pointer to the title bar at the top of the small window.
Right click on the title bar and click Maximize
The program will open in a full window
Close the program. It will now open normally.

How can I copy my data to a new computer?

You can move all of your data folders from one computer to another.

1. Open the C: drive on the old computer.
2. Select all of the data folders (2021,2020, etc.) and copy.
3. Open the C: drive on the new computer and paste.

Now you can just set the data path in the programs to point to any data folder.

C.A.T. Badge Manager

When I try to import new pictures from my camera, I get message "No Camera Pictures at...".

Badge Manager must know where to look for the camera pictures. You must set the path under the Badge Info/Folder for Camera Pictures Menu. We recommend taking the memory card out of your camera and using a memory card reader. Some computers have a reader built in. If not, external readers are inexpensive and connect via USB.

You will need to know the drive letter of your memory card reader and the name of the folder and subfolder that the pictures are stored in. If you do not know this information, do the following:

Close Badge Manager. Place your memory card in the reader. A window will appear showing the contents of the memory card. The drive letter will be displayed In the header of the window. In the file list you will see a folder called DCIM. Open that folder (double-click on it) and there will be a subfolder that starts with 100 in the name. Open this folder and you should see the pictures listed. Make note of the drive letter and both folder names. You will need this information.

Folder for Camera Pictures

When you select this option from the menu, a dialog will appear that lets you enter or change the name and path of the folder that contains the camera pictures. Click on the Locate Folder button to bring up a dialog to locate the folder. With your memory card in the reader, locate the drive letter in the browse. Click the plus beside the drive letter (or double click it). Open the folder called DCIM (double
click on it). Now click once to highlight the folder that starts with 100.... and click the OK button. Click the OK on the Folder for Camera Pictures dialog. The path is now set and you will be able to import new camera pictures.

C.A.T. Ticket Sales

How does the committee settlement calculate the sales tax?

Because the sales tax is already included in the price of the tickets, you must first back the sales tax amount out of the gross before calculating the sales tax. The formula is:

1. Add 1 to the tax rate. Example: If the tax rate is .06, add 1 to get 1.06
2. Divide the gross by this amount to get the gross without the sales tax.
3. Multiply this amount by the tax rate.








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